California Tax Education Council

New Preparer Application - New Application Process Checklist Items

Read before continuing with your application.

  1. If you were previously registered with CTEC and let your registration expire, you must re-take the 60-hour qualifying education course from an approved education provider, pass a background check, and register as a NEW applicant.  Do not complete the annual 20-hour continuing education courses before completing your new registration as a new preparer.
  2. If required, be sure to select the appropriate application cycle year and type of application.
  3. You are required to have your Full Social Security Number and your last name exactly as it appear on your Social Security Card.
  4. You will need to enter all the required personal information.
  5. Be sure the email address you provide is current and accurate. Add a secondary email address (optional). Email addresses are required and are used for communication during the background review process as well as registration renewal notifications.
  6. You will be required to create a New User ID and Password. The New User ID and Password you create here will replace any previous User ID and Password that existed in your old account.
  7. You will be required to complete the background questionnaire section. All offenses MUST be fully reported, even if they have been adjudicated, dismissed, expunged, or have occurred more than 10 years ago.
  8. You will have the ability to upload any supporting documents to be used in the background investigation process.  If there is additional information that you have forgotten to include with your application, you can email the supporting documents to 
  9. You will be required to pay a $100 nonrefundable application fee plus a $2 processing fee in order to submit a new application.
  10. You will be required to download and complete a Live Scan Form. Take the completed Live Scan Form with you to the Live Scan location you have selected, where they will complete the fingerprinting process and send the information electronically to the California Department of Justice (DOJ).
  11. The Live Scan Facility will return the completed form to you for your records. DO NOT send this form to CTEC.
  12. The California Department of Justice (DOJ) will notify CTEC electronically with your background information, which will then be reviewed by the CTEC attorneys and paralegals. The CTEC process can take anywhere from 2 - 8 weeks from the date CTEC receives the results from DOJ.
  13. You may be contacted by CTEC (via email) if additional information is needed regarding your background check. If additional information is requested and no response is received, you may receive a proposed denial letter.
  14. If your application is approved, you will receive an email from CTEC with instructions on how to proceed with the registration process.

NOTE: Please note that your information will be shared with FTB, the IRS, and third parties.

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