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Face-to-face (instructor led) such as live conferences and seminars qualify as continuing education programs if the program: (b) Is conducted by a qualified instructor, discussion leader, or speaker; (c) Provides or requires a written outline, textbook, or suitable electronic materials; (d) Utilizes a means of evaluating participants' attendance; and (e) Complies with Internal Revenue guidance and requirements.

Self-study course: A self-study course is an educational process designed to permit a participant to learn a given subject without the face-to-face involvement of an instructor. Course materials are generally provided by mail, downloaded from the Internet, or provided online. Self-study courses (including taped courses) qualify as continuing education courses only if they: (a) require registration of the participants by the continuing education provider; (b) require a final exam, described in more detail below, as a means for evaluating successful completion of the course by the participants, and issue a certificate of completion confirming successful completion; (c) provide a written outline, textbook, or suitable electronic educational materials (see CP-24 for additional requirements); and (d) for federal credit, satisfy the requirements established for a qualified CE course pursuant to § 10.6(f) and offered by a provider that meets the requirements of § 10.9 of Circular 230.

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