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Study Analyzes Public Awareness Efforts

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 1 comments

As part of a periodic review process, also known as “Sunset Review”, the California State Legislature requested CTEC hire an outside research firm to evaluate the effectiveness of its public awareness efforts. 

The Sunset Review Committee gave CTEC until June 30, 2014 to submit a report. It is the second independent study CTEC has ever conducted to measure its public awareness campaign. The first study was completed in 2009.

The new study focused on English and Spanish-speaking consumers in the Los Angeles and San Diego markets. The respondents were asked a number of questions to help get a better understanding of...

• Initial awareness of CTEC

• How consumers are finding out about CTEC

• Recall of CTEC advertising content through bus signs

• Thoughts about the advertising message

According to the survey results…

• Awareness of CTEC is up to 23 percent, which is considered “strong” awareness. In 2009, awareness was at a “moderate” ten percent.

• The majority of respondents said they found out about CTEC through the Internet or family/friend. Bus sign advertising was the second highest source of awareness. 

• Of those who remembered seeing CTEC advertisements, most recalled that CTEC offers legal or registered tax preparers.

• Sixty-one percent of Hispanics also recalled seeing the bus signs in Spanish.

The report was submitted to the California State Legislature for review. 


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